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Never Been Kissed by Timothy Janovsky Review

Overall Rating 4 Austens--lovely, funny romance, with a main character learning more about himself. Part coming of age/part romance. For fans of Heartstopper, lovers of movie arcana, John Hughes films, and 90s rom coms For full description of my review rules click here:¬†Book Recommendation Rules Trigger Warnings/Content Warnings None really. One of the protagonist has… Continue reading Never Been Kissed by Timothy Janovsky Review

Wild Love–Forever Adirondacks Series by Lauren Accardo


I’ve now read all three of the Forever Adirondacks books, and overall, I love them. Lauren Accardo does a wonderful job with the depths of her characterizations, and the descriptions of small town Pine Valley. Even though I’m not a football fan, I really like how that thread ran through the books as well.

The other books in this series are all really solid. The second made me so hungry to make pie, it reminded me of the fantastic movie Waitress.

I would rate this about 4 Austen, or 4 Stars. I take a star off as it was a cozy, enjoyable read, but not one that blew my socks off. I would still very highly recommend this series and give it to friends looking for a cozy small town romance.


Trigger Warnings/Content Warnings

Frank discussions of alcoholism, challenging parenting situations


How Steamy Is It?

Pretty steamy. Not Sierra Simone, more Tessa Dare level heat.