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Ballroom Blitz/Lewis Dancesport

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TWTeenage angst, Prom DramaLanguage, off-screen drama, stalking, kidnappingHome invasion, interracial romance suspense, strong language
It’s time to party like it’s 2012.
Anita Goodman has been looking forward to the Lewis High Prom for ages, even if the date of her dreams isn’t currently available. 
Best friend Patrick O’Leary knows he’s strictly in the friend zone, but isn’t prom a chance for something more?
Glitz, glitter, and drama. It’s a ballroom prom.
In the glamorous world of ballroom, love and dancing do not always mix.

Professional dancer Anita Goodman has learned that lesson the hard way. With her studio and her reputation on the line, she has to take a chance on the last person she ever wanted to partner with: her best friend.

Patrick O’Leary has loved Anita since high school, but he has languished in the Friend Zone for long enough. He will take this last chance to prove to her that love is greater than winning.

Neither of them realize that conquering their rising attraction won’t be their biggest obstacle. Someone does not want them to be together, and will stop at nothing to get their way.

Love, dance, and danger. It’s a Ballroom Blitz.
Tabitha Valby agreed to be set up by her ballroom teacher, but when her date no shows, she decides instead to attend an open house for her dream home.

Nebbishly charming Dennis Rayner didn’t mean to stand Tabitha up. He may be good at random Jeopardy facts, but remembering appointments is not his forte. When he gets a second chance with Tabitha, he know he can’t let the opportunity go.

Little do they both know that this open house was never supposed to happen, and they’re about to get caught in the crossfire.
HeatCleanClosed Door heatClean

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