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2021 Review

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve blogged.

I don’t know about you, but the last two years have just felt like one very long dumpster fire. One way I managed to keep my head above water last January was to look back at 2020 and write down the things for which I was grateful. I learned some Russian via Duolingo (don’t remember any now haha), I kept my small children alive, I did not get fired from my job or spend the entire workday hiding under my desk.

So this January, I’d like to try the same thing. Here are the things I am proud I accomplished in 2021:

  • I am now 40. I lost some weight and gained it back, but overall I think I’m healthier than I was.
  • I wrote two novels (soon-to-be-published), which gave me a place to download all my emotions and escape reality for a bit.
  • I read something like 65 books last year and became even more obsessed with podcasts. If you have recommendations, please LMK.
  • People say my children are sweet, smart and funny.
  • I did not run away from home nor did I hide in my bed, no matter how tempting this idea was at times.
  • I got super cute glasses, which have helped my migraines.
  • I finished not one, but two whole sweaters! My knitting has definitely improved from my initial confusion over how to purl. I am a huge fan of cable patterns, though I’m still working on my blocking skills.

It’s not all life-altering, but I think aiming for a thousand small victories is not a bad way to go.

Happy New Year!

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